With over 170,000 eyes watching, Jerry Maestas has created a men's lifestyle and fashion focused youtube channel. His bubbly and personable personality keeps viewers coming back for more every week. His video style has evolved over the years and continues to improve video by video. Whether Jerry is on an adventure in NYC, showing outfit suggestions for the next season in a lookbook, or sharing his favorite music and products of the month, he's always looking to create quality content. If your vision matches his, feel free to connect with him via email about any business inquiries.  


Men's Fall lookbook 2016

Tired of the same outfits you keep putting together and looking for new outfit inspiration? Jerry's Mens Fall Lookbook is a great place to start.


NYC through my eyes

Experiencing NYC for the first time can be magical. See it through Jerry's eyes in a short video collage of his first time in NYC.


Men's everyday hair tutorial

Pompadour's that defy gravity have been a popular hairstyle over the past few years. Ever wondered how to do it yourself? Jerry shows you in his everyday hair tutorial.